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Cheat your way to Oblivion

You know the sense of fanboy pride you get when you beat a good game without resorting to walkthroughs and cheese moves? Me neither. Fortunately, IGN has discovered an "infinite gold" cheat for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion:

In the Talos district of the Imperial City is the house of a man named Dorian. Enter the house and kill Dorian. When looting his body, highlight his gold and press A...and keep on pressing. His gold will never run out, giving you access to infinite funds. At any time, you can return to Dorian's house to loot more money from his corpse.

A reader also reports clipping issues with the wall directly across from the basement door. Say it aint so.

When you're finished looting that corpse, check out IGN's list of Oblivion achievements, but then a shameless cheater like you probably already rigged your gamerscore.

[Thanks FeatherKing]

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1. whaa? IGN did not find this out! Some oblivion user found it out with his friends.

Posted at 2:48AM on Mar 24th 2006 by Ronald Ray 0 stars

2. I've decided to pick this up for the 360. I've read a lot about it and it'll be the first game of its genre I've ever owned. Hopefully it won't disappoint.

Posted at 3:08AM on Mar 24th 2006 by Buil 0 stars

3. I played one of these games before, and it was pretty cool. The graphics on this one look totally awesome, and it's a style I really like. I'll have to find more info about what it's like. I might finally have to get a DVD-ROM drive, lol.

Posted at 3:10AM on Mar 24th 2006 by Cosmo 0 stars

4. I tried this and it doesn't work. The first time I get the gold it disappears. Could they have patched it already?

Posted at 5:29AM on Mar 24th 2006 by Hoyt 0 stars

5. What do people think?

Do these cheats help or hurt a game?

Are we so weak that we can't choose to ingore a cheat and beat a game, or is the allure of unlimited gold too much for one soul to bear?

I think the user should be able to choose to cheat. With the advent of gamer scores and achievements, I say let people cheat as much as they want, but you can only get "X" achievement by beating the game without using cheats.

Then people can play and have bragging rights.

I pay $60 for a game, I want to play it my way. Give me a choice.

Posted at 10:17AM on Mar 24th 2006 by Thomas Crymes 7 stars

6. BTW.

I was talking about single player cheating. Multi-player cheating cannot be tolerated in any form and must be met with swift justice.

Posted at 10:19AM on Mar 24th 2006 by Thomas Crymes 7 stars

7. Cheating in single player can open up whole new ways to play a game the gamer has long since moved on from. Games should be fun and not every gamer is at the same skill level or has the same definition of "fun" as it relates to a gaming experience, cheats can help level the playing field in these respects. Obviously challenge is the backbone of every game but sometimes it feels good to drop it into God mode and lay waste to your enemies. In this way cheats are simply the forerunners of modding for consoles, the most basic way to exercise some kind of control over the software. That being said, I am not going to run out and kill this guy in Oblivion just to get infinite gold, but in 6 months if I am stuck or in desperate need of funds in the game, sure I will go expolit this cheat. It is nice to know it is there. BTW, Oblivion is an amazing game, just unbelievable, so immersive. I am not even really a RPG fan but great games like KOTOR and Jade Empire opened my eyes to the possiblities of true adventure games, Oblivion carries on this tradition with incredible polish!

Posted at 10:56AM on Mar 24th 2006 by ElementsUnknown 0 stars

8. I agree with Thomas Crymes, i love to cheat.
it's just the way i like to play, so i've tried this cheat a soon as i read it... but it doesn't work for me... :( no mater, the game is great, so i'll keep playing without any xtra money.

Btw. i have the pal version of the game

Posted at 3:46PM on Mar 24th 2006 by Lord Cypher 0 stars

9. I only explore cheats once i've explored all/most of what the game has to offer. It's a way of getting more life out of the game.
I'll also be looking forward to mods and extra content that people create once the game has been out for a while.

Exploits like this do take some fun from the game IMO, earning the money makes that expensive purchase oh so more satisfying.

Besides, you can always just pop over to your local Mage guild and (if you're a member) take the glass aparatus, calcinators etc and sell them to the alchemist in the guild for like 50 gold each. Bit stupid but it works. The equipment respawns like every day or something.

Posted at 4:25AM on Mar 25th 2006 by Osiris 0 stars

10. Its took me a few tries to kill him before he escaped to the guards, but I finally got him....now i can get 18GP a second of I keep pressing the a button

Posted at 5:44PM on Mar 25th 2006 by o0 Spartan 0o 0 stars

11. this cheat does not work. is it because i'm in the UK using the PAL version?

anyway it deffo does not work

Posted at 6:12AM on Mar 26th 2006 by Ross 0 stars

12. Im using the pal version and it worked for me, granted took me about 4 times cause he kept escaping but i did in the end. Now hes there everytime i go in his house sprawled in the doorway with his corpse giving me money when i need it, im fast button masher and can gain like 200 in like 2 secs from this.

Posted at 3:13PM on Mar 26th 2006 by Zell 0 stars

13. Another infinate gold trick, travel to Kvatch, ride your horse into the middle of the camp there and up to the Orc merchant. While on the horse, sell your equipped weapon. You won't lose the weapon, but you will get the gold for it. Keep selling it to make that amount of money each time. No, this isn't a dirty trick to make you sell your good weapon, if in doubt then try it with a crappy weapon first. Remember though, it MUST BE EQUIPPED.

Posted at 10:42PM on Mar 26th 2006 by Talc 0 stars

14. Ok I've used the money cheat where you Kill Dorian in the Telos district and I've found that once you kill him and take his money that it will take a % of of what he has and leave some for you to loot continuesly. So this is why some times this cheat dosen't work because Dorian dosen't have enough founds left over, so give Dorian some money by bribing him then kill him.

Also in the game I've been playing Dorian does eventually disapear it does take a to happen though, so get as much as you can or as long as you can stand sitting there pressing the A button.

Posted at 10:07AM on Mar 27th 2006 by Earl 0 stars

15. here's the biggest cheat i use for unlimited gold

* equip a bow and some arrows.
* pull back the bow all the way but dont let go of the trigger.
* while still holding the trigger go into your inventory menu
*keep holding the trigger, now highlight the arrows you have equipped and press A, itll tell you something about not being able to do that but ingore that
*now (still holding the trigger) select any imtem (one thats not super rare, but pretty expensive) and hit X to drop it.
*Then when you press be and exit the inventory, the item you selected to drop will multiply! SOmetimes by double sometimes by alot! I dont this with the black band, and sell them for 800 to 1000 gold a piece and $$$$$$$$$$

Posted at 5:29PM on Jun 8th 2006 by eliott 0 stars

16. holy shit i cant spell!

i meant....

*now (still holding the trigger) select any item (one thats not super rare, but pretty expensive) and hit X to drop it.

*Then when you press b and exit the inventory

* I do this with the black band, and sell them for 800 to 1000 gold a piece and $$$$$$$$$$

Posted at 5:32PM on Jun 8th 2006 by eliott 0 stars

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