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Update brick your 360? Speak up [update 1]

Since yesterday's update, there are numerous reports about 360s being bricked. Some people suspect that this is being done by Microsoft intentionally to stop modders and hackers. Xbox Scene thinks it has more to do with certain combinations of hardware and firmware. That would explain why some people are reporting problems even with new, unmodded 360s. Other readers have informed X360F that they are unable to even complete the update download itself. Since the update can't complete, the 360 won't even allow users to play offline games for "security" reasons. It's worth noting that Microsoft is definitely aware of these issues.

Having heard about these problems, we tested our own 2005 360 with a few levels of Lego Star Wars II -- purely for research, of course. So far, we haven't encountered any problems since the update. How about the rest of you? Any bricked or otherwise nonfunctional 360s out there since yesterday? Leave a comment here and let your voice be heard.

Update: Microsoft has released a new version of the update that should behave with all console configurations now. If you've been afraid to update, it should be safe now. Those whose consoles have already been wrecked are advised to call customer support. Click here for more details.

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21. Never had any problems what so ever....FEB06 model, all updates work fine, all games and downloads work fine, no DRM issues, NOTHING...IMHO a few squeaky wheels need a LOT of grease! No one I know has any probs either...

Posted at 12:27PM on Nov 1st 2006 by ATCGQ 0 stars

22. So should we not do the update I assume? Mine was built in Nov. 2005, it red ring of deathed on me a month ago. Havent played it much since getting it back, no problems thus far. But with gears coming out this week. I dont want to take a chance on killing my unit! I think I am going to unhook my 360 from the net till this is fixed, not worth the risk.

Posted at 12:29PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Concerned Gamer 0 stars

23. When I boot up the power button is green, but the Xbox 360 logo screen never shows up. It just shows "no signal" on my tv. I have a Samsung 720p DLP, so it has nothing to do with 1080.

I spoke to Tech Support last night and they were essentially no help, but were willing to send a new component cable. Since I didn't have the red ring, they wouldn't admit it was the dashboard update that caused the problem.

Posted at 12:34PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Red 0 stars

24. Morons. Who is that guy talking about drivers not being signed. Your an ass. Its there console. They own the rights to the video card hardware and the chips and everything. So they write the drivers and it works flawlessly. My Xbox has never seen a red light because I treat it it respect. All these little 5 year olds that can't get there xbox to work s because they have it et on there heater vent in there 90 deg house with no AC trying to mod there xbox so they can play old nes games. Stupid dorks. I'm glad your 360's are getting bricked. Who wants you on xbox Live.

Posted at 12:35PM on Nov 1st 2006 by djphatjive 0 stars

25. Working great as always. My 360 have actually had no problems whatsoever, except for the occasional freeze if I hit the Guide Button at the wrong time, but even this is very rare.

I have a 360 that's produced before the Samsung drive.

Posted at 12:37PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Bennyishere 0 stars

26. OK guys!DO NOT HAVE A DISC INSIDE THE XBOX 360 WHEN UPDATING OR WHEN BOOTING AFTER UPDATES!It looks like somehow it may read the disc as a HD or something!

Posted at 12:39PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Cameron Boyd 0 stars

27. Just managed to 'brick' my third brand new 360! Download the update, reboot and BAM E71 and red lights! I'm going to keep sending them back until one actually works! Not happy at the moment!

Posted at 12:38PM on Nov 1st 2006 by James 0 stars

28. @24 - Anger management bro. Seriously, you need it. Its people that fly off the handle such as you did, over nothing, that make xbl no fun a lot of the time.

Anywho, My units working fine after the update. Im not too shocked that people are having issues though. I've had the ring show in the past and then with reboot it was gone. It happens - even to those who don't mod or place crap on heating vents.

(Note: I doubt in cold weather like this falls that people are in 90 degree houses with need for air to be running. If they were - would the heater vent matter, since they wouldn't run the heat in such weather?)

Posted at 1:16PM on Nov 1st 2006 by NATO_Duke 0 stars

29. I think some people just lie and want to spread rumors.My 360 is working fine after the update.No issues at all.

Posted at 1:17PM on Nov 1st 2006 by vid33nyc1 0 stars

30. mines brick because of this stinking update.

i updated my system. then watched a movie for a hour or so. fell asleep with the xbox running and woke and turned my system off. the next morning went to retrieve my dvd for my xbox and voila 3 rings of death. turned xbox360 on started up fine. cut it off again to make sure i wasnt seeing things and it showed up again. unplugged everything and cut it back on all greenlights . cut it off the last time and cut it back on and my 360 never booted green again :(.....gears of wars coming out next week and i have no 360 to play it and im royally ticked off

Posted at 1:08PM on Nov 1st 2006 by the fly 0 stars

31. ive had my 360 core from launch day and never have i had an issue, ive even added a HD used from EBgames and it works awesome

M$ sucks when it comes to patches....well the definition of a patch is pretty much that the franchise just wants a certain game out with fully testing it.....therefore patches are rolled out after imminant hardware/software failure....

this is how M$ makes their money by putting "the best" out first.....have it crash (im thinking of windows 95 launch for example) and then have multiple security patches to fix what a lame buisnes.

Posted at 1:02PM on Nov 1st 2006 by craptastic 0 stars

32. No problems here...

Posted at 1:38PM on Nov 1st 2006 by hoos30 0 stars

33. People who are talking about this update stopping Modders are competely full of shit! They are all working just fine, its the legit people that got screwed and that includes me. Ran the update and now get an E71 error, been through 3 Xbox's now and don't tell me this is user error. It's a piece of crap console plain and simple, the fanboys can lie to themselves all they want, but the word is spreading fast about how unreliable these things are. So can we expect to have to send our consoles in for every dashboard update? I used to excited for this kinda stuff, now it scares the hell out of me because I don't know how much more time I have to waste to keep my $400 investment running.

Posted at 1:38PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Razer 0 stars

34. I can't get the update to download and install, it says it downloads and then it just fails. There are several, if not hundreds, of people reporting this issue over on the xbox/support forums. Most of them are reporting this issue with NON-MODDED, launch time (last novemberish) systems with Hard drives. Apparently MS is "working" on it, however three calls to CS has left me with three different answers: "we are working on it," "connect directly to your modem," "try a different ISP" Clearly no one over there has a clue. If I have to return my system or be forced to spend 150 to get it repaired I may just have to go PS3!!! (wii already preordered)

Posted at 1:44PM on Nov 1st 2006 by h0ss66 0 stars

35. No problems for me, and I have an early console, loud DVD drive and all. 10/05 mfr date, so if it locks up, I am covered, except for S&H.

Posted at 1:55PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Doc P 1 star

36. I've noticed that the intro animation (with the flying, spherical 360 logo) is no longer in sync with the 'Ring of Light' flash cycle at boot (when the 4 LED lights light up in sequence).

Anyone else experiencing this?

Posted at 2:01PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Adnium 0 stars

37. The Spring update fried mine last time- same thing red ring of death. When I called, they made it sound to me like an update could not have done it.

It sounds like msoft needs to test these udates in real world situations. I also think that they should make these updates optional. I just want to play. While improvments are welcome, they are not worth the risk of locking up your system.

Posted at 12:37PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Sean 0 stars

38. It never fails to amaze me how incrediblly ungratefull people are. This update is for the better of the console, not just to beat Sony's PS3. I doubt it was released early, but believe it not, MS probably doesn't have every single combination of hardware to test on (nor every singe HDTV in the world for that matter). If you don't think MS is working around the clock to fix this, especially during this season, you're smoking crack. Bricked boxes = no one buying new consoles, games, or periferals, not to mention the bad word of mouth people who are experiancing these problems will give to there friends (who are potential customers). If you have a bad box, stop bitching, put the controller down, and DO SOMETHING ELSE! You act as if Xbox 360 is the core of your universe.

Posted at 2:22PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Matthew Mac 0 stars

39. Two weeks ago my second console had to be sent in for the 3 red lights.(I followed all suggestions about placement and ventillation). Yesterday(10.31.06) I received the refurbished unit back, unboxed it, plugged it in, turned it on, downloaded the update, received the E71 error, rebooted several times still to get the E71 error, called support, boxed it up, drove to UPS Store, sent it back to repair center. Not one minute of gameplay, in fact it was only on for the minute or two during the download.

Posted at 2:25PM on Nov 1st 2006 by ChavyChav713 0 stars

40. I am really confused when I hear these stories of people with multiple bricked Xbox 360s. The problems are not that widespread. There are quite a few people who have, or claim to have had, multiple Xbox 360s die. If people were having 2-4 boxes die, that would mean that about 50% of the people should have had one die.

The way I see it is that it's A) something you are doing, B) they are just sending out other broken units back to people because they don't know what is wrong with them.

I always ask this first, because I think it leads to problems. Those of you with multiple bricked 360s, are you using it vertical or horizontal? Also, where are you keeping your 360s, in a well ventilated area, or are you sitting it on top of your receiver or something? Does your power brick also have plenty of space around it, and are you keeping it far from your 360, or right by it?

As for people who bricked because of this patch. It sounds like it might have to do with failed updates, because of everyone trying to download the patch. I made it a point to download the patch when I got up at 5:50am that day, to avoid the chaos. Downloaded fast, installed and rebooted within about a minute. The other potential I see here is that someone said they were having their system lock up, then they switched to GRAW, from TWoods, and then now TWoods works fine. It makes me think some cached data on the hard drive from the old patch is hosing up systems. This makes sense since we've seen this in Oblivion. Anyone who is having intermittent problems, but not bricked, try holding the A button down while you are booting a game that is giving you problems. I don't know if this was just for Oblivion, or if it works for all games. It's supposed to clear the cache.

Posted at 1:29PM on Nov 1st 2006 by TexRob 0 stars

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