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Let's compare visuals: Ridge Racer

With the release of the Playstation 3 this week we'll undoubtedly see comparisons between it and the Xbox 360 in terms of visual prowess. It's inevitable, because some gamers base their purchasing decisions strictly on which console can produce the prettiest looking environments and coolest HD particle effects. I figured I'd add fuel to this upcoming fire by posting a little comparison between the Xbox 360 version of Ridge Racer 6 and the PS3 version of Ridge Racer 7. What's cool about these comparison shots is that they are of roughly the same environments and locations, depicting a direct and accurate comparison. Though, the screen grabs are just that, off-screen grabs of the games and the article is in a language I have yet to study. Take a look at some comparison shots, which would you give the blue ribbon award for graphics to?

[Via, Digg]

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1. They each have their pros and cons...the 360 screen shot looks more detailed, but i think the PS3 shot looks better from afar because it is more subtle, jaggies are less prevalent also.

Posted at 7:49PM on Nov 13th 2006 by DannyOB@360insight 0 stars

2. If anything the 360 looks better... it seems like they downgraded the texture quality, etc on the PS3 to compensate for the higher resolution... also the illumination on the 360 looks better... better use of shadows, etc... the PS3 looks like there is the same light everywhere... the 360 one looks like there is more of a realistic look to everything... like the shadows in the road on the pick with the bridge... Also... if you took the time over the last year I am sure you could have made Ridge Racer look better on the 360!!!! I wouldn't worry about graphicial power for the next gen...

Hey also... is it me or is there NO BUZZ at all about any of the PS3 games available? There are only like 3 games at launch that are not already on coming to the 360 at the same time... RFOM looks kind of ho-hum compared to something like Gears... Where is the incentive (other than blu-ray) to pickup a PS3 for $600??? I know it will still sell out but what does the PS3 have that the 360 doesn't?

Posted at 7:52PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Jason 0 stars

3. I'd say the Blue Ribbon has to go to the 360, but this is However, I would like to see someone argue that the PS3 looks better.. From the screens that were shown, the 360 looks much better.. YOu can see what a big effect HDR has on being able to have very dark areas and very bright areas on the screen at the same time.. Definitely should be interesting to see how other cross platform games stack up..

Posted at 7:57PM on Nov 13th 2006 by audioeric 0 stars

4. Something else that I noticed was that the light was a bit different between them, so I've tried to make the background (behind the Monitor) the same.. Check these out:

Then I did a little animation by matching up the mountains and trees in the background:


Posted at 8:28PM on Nov 13th 2006 by audioeric 0 stars

5. If you look at the larger screens, I'd give the A-ok to the PS3, it seems smoother and warmer, I give the 360 credit for water effect, looks good.

I'd give the blue ribbion to the 360 mainly because everything on the screen is annoyingly blue :S The buildings, the roads, the handover up ahead, the water, the vehicles, even the boats. Its hurting my eyes. The sky, the tower, the bridge, everything is bloody blue, what happened?!?!

The trees on the PS3, although pretty much the same, look better, the 360 ones remind me of the trees in Xbox original games :(

The building looks smoother on PS3, although the windows look better on 360, but the building as a whole looks slightly blocky on 360, you only have to look at the curve at the top.

Everything from fencing to roads look smoother and textured better on the PS3. Meh, I work with graphics, so these differences are easy for me to spot.

Posted at 8:23PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Veron 0 stars

6. Without actually seeing the HD screen myself, I could not say which looks better, my laptop's screen is good, but it is not in HD, neither are those images. As for those these images, I think the 360 images have better detail because the PS3 shots are heavily antialiased, distorting more than just the edges it seems. Though, RR is not the game to be comparing as it really didn't impress me with it's graphics in the first place.

Posted at 8:30PM on Nov 13th 2006 by rijit 0 stars

7. i would have to say 360 wins this one from those pictures....although they are only pictures of the screen which makes them both look blocky as crap. The only way to get an accurate result is to see the screen themselves. But the PS3 does look too...monotone i guess you could say. Its like someone put a white layer over it and brought down the visibility (like in photoshop) which makes it look really dry. The xbox360 though looks very realistic and "wetter" (no nastyness intended) and i think overall better graphics go to the xbox360... and i also deal with 3d modeling and photoshop and crap like that so i know something :P

Posted at 8:47PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Surrealistic 0 stars

8. This is a good one.. I'm liking that the PS3 version has more brightness to it, but that could be cause by many factors.. But I'd have to go with the 360 on this one.. The textures are just plain better (in the screens provided at least) and In this crazy HD era we're in, it's all about the details.


Posted at 8:57PM on Nov 13th 2006 by DeadPlasmaCell 0 stars

9. Looking at the other pictures, the 360 clearly is the winner. I am sure each system will out do each other in some games, but for this game, the 360 much nicer.

Posted at 9:21PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Mark Ansman 0 stars

10. X360 is better looking. I really looks more accurate and I think the PS3 version might give me headaches.

Posted at 9:31PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Edison Warden 0 stars

11. Honestly, I look at both of these and wonder why people are going so nuts over RR7. Is it the same people who cared about RR6?

Other than it running in 1080p, it doesn't look much better on PS3... if at all. I'm not understanding a lot of the hype and interest in this title since it looks to play just like RR6... which, honestly, was pretty forgettable.

Oh well.

Posted at 10:12PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Tony 0 stars

12. PS3 seems to have better trees, but 360 seems to have richer colors. I think textures on the PS3 are slightly better, or is it because of AA? Everything else is pretty much the same. The only question remains, which one is smoother?

Posted at 9:26PM on Nov 13th 2006 by cerberus414 0 stars

13. You could argue the 360 has more detail, better water and more shadows, but I honestly have to say prefer the overall 'warmth' of the PS3 version. Now, it could just be that the HDR setting is too drastic on the 360...

What's interesting is, this is nearly identical to the old nVidia vs. ATI wars on PC: nVidia always produced a warmer looking output, but for technical detail, ATI always seemed to have an edge. 360=ATI and PS3=nVidia, so it looks like the not much has changed ;-)

Bottom line though, at least for this game, PS3 does NOT have the mega graphics advantage folks have been harping about...

Posted at 7:50PM on Nov 13th 2006 by intRvenous 0 stars

14. They both look the same to me, but maybe the afterimage from fire fights with the Locust has impaired my vision.

Posted at 10:57PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Tom 0 stars

15. PS3 is raw calculating power, the graphical power should be fairly equivalent to 360 but PS3 in the end will be noticebly better because of HDMI and 1080p native, the high resolutions reduce jagged lines, in this particular game its really on what you prefer, I like the warmer aspects of the PS3 where it looks more like a tropical landscape but the 360 causes it to look like a Urban rural area. The lighting is the main difference, the 360 does have more detail and more detailed textures overall the PS3 is still a little bit better for overall image, no one when playing the game is going to notice the details as they wizz by on there screen and gamers look for overall picture, texture details are important but only to things like grass because thats things that gamers would notice right away and not grass 2 miles away that you cant even reach. The 360 does have better textures and details and less problems in rendering (the building has a line for the curve which the ps3 didnt properly render) overall the PS3 is better

Posted at 1:03AM on Nov 14th 2006 by Gaurav K 0 stars

16. Let me put it this way. The ps3 looks like a game. And the 360 version looks real. There!

Posted at 2:56AM on Nov 14th 2006 by djphatjive 0 stars

17. I guess if it take 2 detail pictures to tell the differences bwt ps3 and xbox360, why would someone pay extra 200 bucks to play the same games? Hmm.... I don't! Damn, don't get me wrong, i am a ps3 fanboy! Damn! Hopefully, there is gonna be kill apps for ps3!

Posted at 2:57AM on Nov 14th 2006 by googoodai 0 stars

18. soo... let me get this straight.... noone here knows Spanish right?

The author clearly states that the 360 version is better and more detailed.... like the road, the ship and other effects such as the water have disappeared from the PS3 version.....

Posted at 4:19AM on Nov 14th 2006 by Smoking Area 0 stars

19. Sad thing is that this will sell thousands in Japan (and even move systems) and the "same" game has been out for a year now.

Posted at 4:28AM on Nov 14th 2006 by Carl 0 stars

20. With the city scene comparison, I do like the 360 version better. With the mountain side scene, I like the PS3 better. It's too bright for me to look at regarding PS3 in the city. 360 has too much contrast or color burn or something when it comes to green scenery.
Of course, since you'd be staring at your car that you drive most of the time, I actually like the PS3 version.
I'm still not picking fav's as I'm a gadget whore.

Posted at 4:37AM on Nov 14th 2006 by Christian 0 stars

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