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HD Movies on Marketplace? It could happen

Nothing like a nice juicy rumor to keep you going through the weekend. This week's rumor is a doozy. Originating on an obscure blog called, ahem, Shsibae, the rumor goes a little something like-a this: Microsoft will soon be offering full-length high definition movies over the 360 Marketplace. Rentals would supposedly cost $4. Buying them outright is a possibility too, though the price is undetermined. The service would launch with over 1000+ hours of available video. For the uninitiated, 1000 hours is a lot of hours.

Now, the idea of downloadable movies on 360 is nothing new. In fact, we've been downloading high def clips ever since the console launched. Still, we've heard rumors of more substantial downloads for a long time. Die-hard 360 fanboys will recall the rumors of a DirecTV blade being added to the dash and another rumor of IPTV support. So, what makes this rumor different? One, Bill Gates thinks digital distribution is the future, even saying that HD DVDs and Blu-Ray will be the last generation of physical media. Two, that mysterious Video Marketplace button that was added in the Fall dash update might be more than we thought.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why it won't work, with the most obvious being the 360's 20 gig hard drive. 20 gigs just isn't enough space for a collection of HD movies and all game related data. Unless Microsoft was lying when they denied the existence of a 100 gig hard drive, or they have some sort of streaming solution planned, the 360 really isn't the best place to keep your movies.

Still, from a business standpoint, it makes sense. Sony is offering similar services, and Microsoft has been quick to update the 360 in order to compete (1080p anyone?). And there is one more thing that adds credence to this obscure rumor: it's not there anymore. The rumor has been removed from Shsibae. Did MS ask them to take down the news, or did Shsibae know the internet would jump all over it? Only time will tell.

[Via Joystiq]

Blue boy walking, new Blue Dragon videos

There are two new Blue Dragon videos up on the official site. The first, set to some of the most terrible rock music imaginable, demonstrates the game's shadow combat system. Somehow, the music gives it a very weird twist. It's as if it were a joke. Seriously, it sounds like Bob Dylan after a stroke. The second video showcases one of Blue Dragon's most overlooked features: walking! If you've ever wanted to see a kid walking around looking at stuff, now's your chance. Both videos are embedded after the break.

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XNA beta 2 released, send us games

The 2nd XNA beta was officially released yesterday, bringing with it a boatload of changes that a mere blogger could not possibly comprehend. I'm fairly sure it has something to do with code, pixels, and the relative position of the sun. Basically, it's bigger and badder and includes new 360 development support. You can find the goods on Gamerscore Blog. Also worth mentioning, a closed beta for the new Torque X toolset is beginning as well. Torque X is from GarageGames, creators of several Xbox Live Arcade titles, and contains tools for streamlining the game creation process.

Wading through all this talk of assets, component architecture, and whatnot, I was lucky enough to find something I can understand: statistics -- something all bloggers crave with a passion.

"The list of universities adopting XNA Game Studio Express into their curricula has grown to more than 30 worldwide. There have been 150,000 downloads of XNA Game Studio Express Beta 1, over 30 new XNA communities launched, 100 user generated tutorials shared online and more than 60 independent games already in development or completed."

60 games in development? Wow. That dream of a user created Xbox Live Arcade may not be so far off after all. If you're reading this and you happen to be developing one of those 60 games, let us know. We'd love to check it out. Anyone else out there thinking about making a game?

Tons of new GOW multiplayer vids

The fine folks at GameTrailers are apparently having a ball playing Gears of War multiplayer matches, because they won't stop posting videos of them. Right now, they are up to twelve (!) different videos. We've picked one in particular for its chainsaw wielding, headshot making goodness. Plus, you'll get a chance to see what it's like to play as one of the Locust horde. This video, and all the others, looks like a lot of fun. Check it out after the break. Oh, and the video is age verficataion required. And don't think you can cheat just because there's absolutely nothing we can do to stop you.

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A Jericho trailer for Halloween

Scant hours ago, we found some shots of Clive Barker's Jericho. Now we just dug up a teaser trailer on GameTrailers. Full of TV "white noise" effects -- it's the new bullet time -- the trailer is sure to scratch that horror itch. Granted, there's not really any gameplay, but it conveys the mood quite well. You can check out the trailer after the break (age verification required).

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Rainbow Six: Vegas demo video

For our American readers who have to wait for the Rainbow Six: Vegas demo -- or those that won't use this trick -- we have something that will cure what ails you. Xboxyde has posted a video of the first 10 minutes of gameplay from the demo. There's rapelling, thermal vision, and plenty of terrorist killing. In other words, the game looks like a lot of fun. Check out the video here, or a high resolution version here. Here's a crazy question, is anyone getting Rainbow Six instead of Gears of War?

R6 Vegas multiplayer video, rappelling!

The holiday season that will make beggars of us all is rapidly approaching. Developers know this and are continuing to whet our appetites and grease our wallet hinges with new media. Today's media in question, a multiplayer video of Rainbow Six: Vegas. In short, the video is sick (you know, the good kind of sick that hip, young people are always talking about). The video showcases plenty of gunfire, grenades, and lots of great features. In particular, we love the rappelling and the riot shield. There's really so much going on that it's hard to encapsulate it all here. You'd better just go ahead and watch the video. See it after the break.

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BIH content, 9/28: big sweaty men edition

The Bringing It Home content train just keeps a' rollin'. Today we are blessed with another demo, Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007. The full list goes a little something like this:

Tony Hawk's Project 8 trailer
Frontlines Fuel of War trailer
X06 Game Montage video
Crossfire trailer
WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007
Fable 2 theme (150 points)
X06 theme (free)

Also new today, Europe can finally download all Oblivion content packs (insert obligatory horse armor joke here). Oh, and we missed it last night, but there is now a Halo Wars theme (150 points) and picture pack (80 points) available.

Tons of new X06 Marketplace content

Following today's press briefing, there is now a boatload of new trailers on Marketplace. They are, in no particular order:

Assassin's Creed
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Halo Wars
Viva Piñata
Call of Duty 3
Marvel Universe
Splinter Cell: Double Agent

All this and a bag of DOOM. We have to wonder, though: what the hell will we get next? They've got two more days to fill after all. Any predictions?

BIH content, 9/26: Lego Star Wars edition

Another day, another batch of BIH content. See what we did there? BIH. See, it's an acronym for Bringing It Home. Pretty sweet, huh? Anywho, here's the almighty list for today:

Forza 2 Physics & Damage trailer
NBA 2K7 trailer
Sonic The Hedgehog trailer
Shrek 3 trailer
Just Cause trailer
NHL 2K7 trailer
The Darkness trailer
LEGO Star Wars II demo(!)

A potent list indeed, capable of discombobulating even those of the strongest constitutions. The real winner here is of course the demo of the UK's recent chart topper, LEGO Star Wars II. On a more peculiar note, wasn't there a trailer for The Darkness up yesterday? Is this one different? We'll be back shortly with our thoughts on the LSWII demo. We're sure you're waiting with bated breath.

F.E.A.R. D.E.M.O. on X.B.L.M.

You read the headline, there's a demo of F.E.A.R. available on Marketplace right now. Our more astute readers will no doubt notice that this demo is exactly the same as the demo available some time ago in OXM. Giving it another go this morning, X360F wonders whether or not F.E.A.R. can stand out among upcoming blockbusters like Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas. Also, it may just be us, but why does this game require such a monster PC to run? There are plenty of particle effects and the textures are all very high res, but the geometry just doesn't look that impressive -- again, see Gears of War and Rainbow Six.

Still, if you haven't picked up the demo through OXM, you just can't beat the price (hint: it's free).

[Thanks, Chris]

TGS Marketplace content weekend wrap-up

If you're like us, you may have been too busy actually playing games this weekend to notice that the TGS content is still rolling in. So, a quick summary of what's been released yesterday and today is in order. Here you go:

TGS Showfloor video 1
TGS Showfloor video Day 2 (Japan)
Game Creator Interview (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #5 (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #6 (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #7 (Japan)
TGS Showfloor video 2
TGS Showfloor video Day 3 (Japan)
Gamers' Interview (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #8 (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #9 (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #10 (Japan)
Vampire's Rain Trailer (Japan -- AKA Rain in the west)
Forza 2 Customization Trailer
Forza 2 Theme (not free)
Virtua Tennis 3 Trailer
NBA Live 07 Trailer
NHL 2K7 Trailer

As we said, we've been too busy rocking DOA4 online with our blogging buddies (or Championship Poker in Ken's case) to check out most of this content. Has anybody out there checked out the Vampire's Rain trailer? Is it different from the one released during E3? Leave us some comments and tell us what's hot and what's not.

[Via Major Nelson]

360 at the Tokyo Game Show:
Eternal Sonata gameplay/combat video
Metal Slug blasts its way onto XBLA
Lost Planet and Viva Piñata video
Microsoft TGS briefing video now available
DOAX2 video makes us feel naughty

Forza images (is that 3D grass?)

Forget about all this TGS business. Let's talk about this shot from Forza 2. Damn, that is one pretty car. Seriously, just look at it. Damn. Over the past few weeks, however, we've come to realize that pretty cars don't matter, apparently. No, what real racing enthusiasts crave is 3D grass. Why? We have no earthly idea, but it seems to be the holy grail of racing games. So, is that 3D grass? We're voting no. Check out more shots over at Xboxygen and decide for yourselves.

Need new wallpaper? Think Assassin's Creed [update 1]

IGN has some fancy artwork from the PS3 exclusive that wasn't, Assassin's Creed. The artworks are all very large and very pretty. They're just right for that spiffy new desktop background you've been looking for. Now if we could just scrub out that pesky IGN watermark ...

Update: Fixed tiny grammatical error.

Rainbow Six shots continue to impress

Game Infowire has posted 51(!) new shots of Rainbow Six: Vegas. Most of our readers already know this, but R6: Vegas is insanely detailed. Seriously, Ubisoft must have hired an obsessive compulsive crazy person to get all this detail in there. Right down to the fabric of the uniforms, everything is gorgeously textured. It reminds us why Ubisoft is the "not evil" EA. We suggest you click your way through all of these screens from start to finish -- it always goes down smooth. With games like R6: Vegas in tow, this holiday season is looking to be damned expensive for 360 owners.

[Via OpenXBOX360]

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